France’s Top Bodybuilder Offers Nutrition Classes

France’s top bodybuilder and nutritionist, Joe Piscopo, will start teaching nutrition classes at his local gym.  Joe has been France’s long standing icon in this sport and has won the hearts of many amateur bodybuilders in the country.  As a nutritionist, he has been able to combine his knowledge of eating with weight training to […]

Top 3 Party Holiday Spots in France

French food and drinks offer one of the most delightful tastes for your tongue.  In France, there are many holidays where eating and drinking are combined heavily because of the country’s relaxed atmosphere.  Filled with wine tours, exquisite restaurants, cooking schools, and home recipes shared throughout the years, there is no shortage of deliciousness when […]

France’s economy finally on the rise

Good news coming up for France’s economy after the country has been constantly battling to improve its job market and sales nationwide.  Although it’s still too early to say that the economy is boosting, things are definitely looking in a positive direction.   The government is starting to help out small businesses more and this […]

The Prostitution Problem in France

Prostitution is legal in France, but it is illegal to advertise or pimp yourself out in public.  As long as you are doing your marketing behind closed doors, the French government and authorities don’t mess with you.  However, a new law wants to charge the people paying for sex instead of charging the prostitutes.  People […]

Learning French from Musicians

If you’re looking to learn the French language in an unorthodox way, now there is a new method that has linguists dancing on their feet.  Everyone is always bored with the traditional way taught at schools or through DVD courses.  So musicians set out a new way to learn French without the headaches. This new […]

The Healthcare System in France

In France, the healthcare system is made up of private and public hospitals, and doctors who are available to the public regardless of how much money they make.  The healthcare system does cover most of the medical expenses patients incur, however, the patient has to be registered with a doctor and treat under that doctor […]

A Look at Ten Years After Paris, France Riots

  Ten years ago, the death of two teenagers sparked a huge riot in France.  The riot started in the city of Clichy-sous-Bois after the teenagers were running away from police and unfortunately ran into their deaths via electrocution.  This happened when they ran into an electricity substation. To this day, the city still gets […]